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Hoop House Tunnel

According to the Weather Channel the weather today (January 4) hit the mid to high 30’s, but in the hoop house when the sun shines, the temperature can really climb. We use a thermometer that shows the high and low temperatures for a 24 hour period. As you can see, it get pretty hot in the hoop house even in early January.

To cool off, the hens try different things like the dust bath (the two hens in the lower left, that look kind of dirty, are enjoying a nice dust bath). 

But with this beautiful weather, we thought they also might enjoy getting out in the fresh air, so we created a ‘tunnel’ under the plastic covering the hoop house.  It has a door that we’ll close at night to keep the drafts out and also any predators. 

Here’s a view from the outside end of the ‘tunnel’. 

These last two pictures show the hens ‘frolicking’ in the winter sunshine, trust us they are frolicking. 


All Are Gathered In

We got our first big snow fall the other day. It was beautiful and amazing, but the best part was the feeling that the chickens had a home. We built a ‘hoop house’ which is kind of a greenhouse design with ‘hoops’ made from PVC over a frame of two by fours and covered with plastic sheeting. The result is pretty cozy, the chickens seem to enjoy it. And it keeps them warm during the day and a little warmer at night. The other part is that we gathered leaves from yards in the neighborhood and are using those to cover give the chickens something to scratch in and as a carbon base to offset the droppings. It seems to be working fairly well because our egg production hasn’t dropped off as sharply as it did last year. Here are some pictures:brooder


inside hoop house

inside hoop house 2